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Nello spazio che resta — Ceneri

Nello spazio che resta

Nello spazio che resta — Ceneri

Nello spazio che resta is Ceneri's first EP. I designed the visual imagery of this project, collaborating with Blue Chips Studio.

Playing with the space as the artist with her music, I stretched the typeface to reach the look I'm interested in for this project. In this case, the main focus isn't legibility. I tried to use a typeface like a decoration as a principal intention.

Red or blue pill? A single was released to anticipate the EP: it's called Ladro. I designed the covers by editing Tommaso Biagetti's photos with my projection as lighting. The light that reveals Ceneri is the connection with Nello spazio che resta. A dialogue between the visible and the unknown space that surrounds it.

Nello spazio che resta — Tracklist
Nello spazio che resta — Notturno
Nello spazio che resta — Ceneri

This project gave me the unusual opportunity to create some designs before the shooting. The reason is that the designs were projected on the scenography instead of the classic illumination. Projections are the common thread of visual communication. We have given importance to the contrast between the points of light and those of shadow.

Ceneri — Tour Design

Ceneri did a four-date tour in 2022. I squeezed other texts and made the designs to communicate the dates given.

Ceneri played on 28th May 2022 at the MI AMI Festival. For the event, we have created promotional posters with activation via a QR code to the Instagram filter of Nello spazio che resta. We also re-did the covers of the artist's previous singles: Fiato Corto and Notturno.

Ceneri — Notturno
Ceneri — Fiato Corto


Davide Soranzio

Projections & Photo Editing
Davide Soranzio

Davide Soranzio

Creative director
Blue Chips Studio

Music Label
Peer Music

Tommaso Biagetti

Canvas Shooting
Sara Olivetti


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