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Laila Al Habash — Mystic Motel

Laila Al Habash Mystic Motel

Mystic Motel is Laila Al Habash's debut album. After she had released an ep, it was time for Laila to make her debut with an album. I created visual imagery for the project, from the singles to the vinyl development, in collaboration with Undamento and Blue Chips Studio. Vinyl? What great news.

Mystic Motel — Cover

From the last to the first, I designed the cover of Mystic Motel using a hybrid—font approach. I mixed Helvetica Neue and Times New Roman to give an iconic feeling to the project, according to the grainy music of the artist. 'But the font is cut off on the margins!' Yeee, iconic is good but not old. I approach these classics with a personal interpretation that could give a particular perception.

Laila Al Habash — Vinile
Laila Al Habash — Vinile

On November 6 2021, the album was released. A listening party with fans was organized for the occasion, followed by a release party. I designed the merch and tickets for the event. A motel keychain and a mystical ashtray.

Laila Al Habash — Ticket

Before the release, we needed to reveal the tracklist, so I designed and animated the Mystic Motel tarot. One for each song. I realized twelve cards with elements from symbology and song's feelings.

Our journey began with creating Ponza's cover and video clip. Afterwards, I designed the covers of Oracolo and Gelosa. The groove can't stop. Three covers are based on an old vinyl scan. I overlaid the shot of Laila by Tommaso Biagetti with a color alteration on the paper. The color couple was a must!

Ponza — Laila Al Habash
Oracolo — Laila Al Habash
Laila Al Habash — Gelosa

So far, we've been talking about studio music.
From 2021 to 2022, Laila toured Italy twice. I designed
tour posters and digital support to communicate the dates.


Davide Soranzio

Video—editor and animator
Davide Soranzio

Creative Director
Sara Olivetti
Tommaso Biagetti

Tommaso Biagetti
Gianluca Moro

Project Manager
Sara Olivetti

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